Ticked Off Plus

Not just content with creating great software, Ticked Off Plus offers integrations, support services and partner programs that continue taking the hassle out of repairs and maintenance.

Speak to us if you need trades support. Directly engage with a team of 3000+ pre-qualified and best performing trades across ANZ. Whether you need access to one trade or require Ticked Off +Trades to support your entire R&M program, we’ve got you covered.
Virtual Services
Ideal for remote sites, Ticked Off Virtual Services captures and creates 3D models of your sites and its assets. As built documentation has never been more straightforward. A single 360 walkthrough replaces thousands of traditional 2D photographs.
LED Program
Retrofit with LED lighting through Ticked Off lighting. Reduce your power bill and never pay another cent for lamp replacement for the life of the product. Finance options available.
Leverage beacon technology for better management of workplace health and safety, smarter asset management, and the introduction of innovative location services.
White Label
Why reinvent the wheel? Save time and money, dramatically speed up your time to market, and keep the focus on your business's core competencies by speaking to Ticked Off about our white label options.